Education through sport

Sport to learners has a more positive impact than any other programmes that have been tried and tested at schools. Schools are now making school sports compulsory, employing coaches or encouraging teachers to fill this role. The Future Factory has done this for more than 14 years, and the coaches have received an income, but not nearly enough, and due to lack of sponsorship, it cannot pay the sports coach a salary and employ them full time. A part time coach employed at the school has made so many inroads to the curriculum, as learners are more aware and their attention levels have improved during lesson times. Other activities include Surf Walks, Athletics, Concerts, Food Fair, Big Walk and Inter-school programmes.
The Future Factory embraces all the Olympic sport codes thus giving a variety of choices for the Youth for them to be developed. Also, if you start with an early Childhood Development Motor co-ordination skills and making play fun, children tend to grow faster, and at this age, the wellbeing of the child is of utmost importance.Therefore when a child reaches Pre-Primary School and there is a good Sport Development programme in the school or institution, it is most likely they will be more developed. Children develop in all areas, from their motor skills, eye hand co-ordination, balance, spatial awareness and most importantly they get to meet and make new friendships that often last for many years.

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The Future Factory Fundraiser

It’s that time of the year to support us by purchasing tickets directly from our organisation and not through Computicket. The tickets are ready as soon as you book we are able to secure your tickets so don’t lose out to the best show ever! All this is for much needed resources and continuity of projects and programmes and this is our only fundraiser for the year. Would you like to have a year – end function or school reunion? This function is the best option as you can enjoy a night with music of the past that will have you dancing in your seats! Thank you in advance for supporting us. […]

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