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Valentine Boogie

Fundraiser for The Future Factory

Due to so many projects that are co-ordinated and assisted by our non-profit organization during the covid times as the feeding has escalated daily. We need so much support as this fundraiser has also been slashed by 500 tickets as to ensuring we keep our distances in the Artscape. We have 500 tickets to sell and appealing to our supporters to please come forth and make it a successful fundraiser for our NPO.

The show is to also support our artists that has been hit the hardest with not be able to perform as often as they would have liked. We need to share some love and what better way than a Valentine Boogie show!

Ganarama productions and The Future Factory present the Valentine Boogie show.

A musical/comedy romp down memory lane to the Motown Era, the disco floors and the power ballads that typified the 70’s & 80’s. A local live band, dynamic local singers and dancers, add a touch of local comedy, and the perfect evening out is served – this time with LOVE as the theme.

The singers: Gary Naidoo, Lucy Tops, Keeno Hector, Liandé Valentyn, Celest & Jon-E.

Thank you in advance for all the support.

Name: Valentine Boogie

Date: 18 February 2022

Time: 7-30pm

Price: R150.00 per person

Venue: Artscape

Contact Anne: 081 327 52 79

Contact Jillian: 083 715 06 76

Email: thefuturefactory@yahoo.com


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Sundowners in the Park

We are ready to end the year, while all gloom and not much fun, in style. Not to worry, all Covid – 19 protocol will be followed for the event and it is guaranteed that you will be safe.
Come down to picnic and join the vibe by enjoying the performance of artists that you normally would through all the the previous Boogie shows. Due to them not being able to work, the support of this show is of paramount nature to you attending so that we can reach the target.


Name of event : “Sundowners in the park.”
Date: 6 December 2020
Venue: Company’s Gardens in Cape Town
Time: 6-30pm
Price: R100 per person


Our programmes for the year end are affected as we normally support so many causes such as Christmas parties, Cancer kids and creche parties that are all still taking place and  the year end parties for our feeding schemes as the hunger was real for all this year.
By either attending or donating to our event, it will impact positively and ensure that we are able to assist the projects lined up.


Please contact The Future Factory via email thefuturefactory@yahoo.com or Anne Siroky on 0813275279 and Jillian on 0837150676.

***We would like to thank you all for supporting us during this very difficult year and your support for this event will no doubt be greatly appreciated.***

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Zumbathon party

Zumbathon party2019-12-12T12:28:06+02:00

The painful life of Abigail Brookes

The teen who is battling various illnesses is also prone to infection

FIFTEEN years ago, on August, and at 36-and-a-half weeks, Abigail Brookes was born – at Constantiaberg Mediclinic. But immediately, Abigail, now 15, stopped breathing. The lack of oxygen damaged the bottom right hand side of her brain, impacting on her future learning abilities and health. She has battled various illnesses since her birth and is still prone to infection almost monthly. Abigail crawled late, walked late and even talked late due to unknown illnesses. According to her mother, Barbara, she was a “floppy baby” who required assistance to sit up until she was well over a year old.Read more

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This is Abby

abi-and-anneOur precious baby girl was born being carried for 36.5weeks we thought everything would turn out just fine. I’d be able to experience what it was like to come home with my baby. But after she was born, Abigail stopped breathing damaging a part of her brain. The damage…..we wouldn’t know. We’d have to watch her milestones.

She was termed a ‘floppy baby’ and had low muscle tone which made even smiling a difficult task for her

By the time she turned a year, she couldn’t sit unaided nor had she started to crawl. Not a single doctor was able to diagnose Abigail and tell us what the road ahead held for us.  

The fact that she looked like any other normal child made people oblivious to the fact that she wasn’t like other normal children, Why could no-one help us? From one specialist to another, going to a physio and OT to try and assist her to at least stand up using splints was only the beginning of her journey.

It was an absolute emotional roller-coaster for me as a parent you’re expected to be able to pick up the pieces and smile and give 200% of yourself even when there are days all you wanted to do was curl up in a corner and die. Abigail was diagnosed with Marfans Syndrome at age 12 (12 years of a fight we refused to give up on).  A connective tissue disorder which affects heart, lungs, nerves, skeletal system and eyes.  Currently this syndrome has affected her heart leaving her with an elevated heart rate and a valve that currently is being monitored as it possess a risk of leaking.  Only time will tell what the next organ is that will be affected.

Because of the effect of the marfans on her life, she has always been a sickly child.  Her one longing is to be able to be free……free to play outside and not worry about changing weather, free to run without struggling to breathe and free to express herself so that she is understood.

The one thing she is passionate about being with and caring for is children and physically disabled children because with them she feels a sense of worth. She is able to help them and they made her feel good about herself. Life today at 15 for ABBY is still not the easiest for her……she battles academically but she continues to strive to give her best at all times. She wants to please her educators and those around her so badly. She just wants to know what it’s like to be capable of doing things other kids her age can comprehend.

The Future Factory fundraiser would like to support Abby with her medical costs so we appealing for all to support this worthy cause.

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Cookie Drive

We have a 100 000 bucket drive that we initiated and, supported by Khaleel Sayed, the owner of Eet-Me Cookies,we believe this will ensure the sustainability of The Future Factory (022/711), our Non-Profit organisation. A percentage of the sale of the buckets will be used for much needed funds in making our projects more effective with the purchasing of equipment and resources required to ensure effective day to day running. Our projects need sports equipment as we use this for our sports events, outreach community interventions and school team builders. The buckets can be used for storing goods and our crèches and schools have used this very effectively. Each bucket consists of 7 different individually packed biscuits totalling 1.4kg.

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Our NPO is reaching a milestone. It will be 15 years old in February 2016! All this without sponsors or donors since its inception. It has not been easy but perseverance has seen this milestone being achieved through hard work by Anne Siroky and her team! So many other civil society organisations have called on (particularly Anne Siroky), to do services for free for many years. Now all she is asking is that those that she and her team have supported for so many years step forward and make this fundraiser for The Future Factory a success.

How can you help make it successful? Well, as you can see by the advert we have been selected by the organisers to use this event as a fundraiser. They have given us 1000 tickets to sell for the opening night which is a Friday night and 500 tickets for the Saturday night. Show details are listed below.


DATE: 4 and 5 December 2015

VENUE : Artscape Theatre (located opposite the Civic Centre in Cape Town)

TIME: 8pm


A percentage of the ticket sales is going towards much needed funds of The Future Factory to ensure it sustains itself .Your support of taking tickets early means that it will not be a rush to collect the monies from family and friends. The tickets are available and we just need the amount of tickets you are purchasing and monies will be collected by September and latest end of October so that we can pay the organisers for the tickets we took. We believe all our friends and family will make our one and only biggest fundraiser a huge success.

Those that supported us last year were so impressed with the show that they said we are back again! Former names of the show have been Boogie Wonderland and Blame it on the Boogie! Music of 70’s,80’s,90’s  puts you in the party mood as these artists just sing and dance with so much passion that you can’t but believe you are watching the original artists in action. Just be warned, it makes you want to run onto the stage with the electrifying atmosphere! Those that would like to dress up are most welcome to as it is fun to see those in wigs and the works to reminisce about how they use to boogie! Dancing in the aisles and rows is allowed as you just can’t sit still with this show!

Please be so kind as to forward this to all your contacts. Anne Siroky can be contacted on 0729163331 via phone calls, sms, WhatsApp or email annesiroky@yahoo.com. Jillian can be contacted on 0837150676 via WhatsApp or sms as her hearing impediment does not allow any phone calls. She can be emailed jdalexander1@yahoo.com and thefuturefactory@yahoo.com

We are always very appreciative of past supporters that always supports the great cause of sustaining The Future Factory so we can continue to make positive impacts in the lives of the people we do programmes and events for!

Use this event as a team builder or, if you closing for the year, as a perfect time to thank your staff by purchasing bulk tickets and giving them a night to remember. This will also demonstrate your humanitarian nature by your support of a non-profit organisation like The Future Factory!

God bless, and on behalf of Anne Siroky and myself Jillian Alexander, we thank you in advance for what you going to do to make our event successful and one that will become a calendar event every year!

Kind regards,

Jillian and Anne

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