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Valentine Boogie

Fundraiser for The Future Factory

Due to so many projects that are co-ordinated and assisted by our non-profit organization during the covid times as the feeding has escalated daily. We need so much support as this fundraiser has also been slashed by 500 tickets as to ensuring we keep our distances in the Artscape. We have 500 tickets to sell and appealing to our supporters to please come forth and make it a successful fundraiser for our NPO.

The show is to also support our artists that has been hit the hardest with not be able to perform as often as they would have liked. We need to share some love and what better way than a Valentine Boogie show!

Ganarama productions and The Future Factory present the Valentine Boogie show.

A musical/comedy romp down memory lane to the Motown Era, the disco floors and the power ballads that typified the 70’s & 80’s. A local live band, dynamic local singers and dancers, add a touch of local comedy, and the perfect evening out is served – this time with LOVE as the theme.

The singers: Gary Naidoo, Lucy Tops, Keeno Hector, Liandé Valentyn, Celest & Jon-E.

Thank you in advance for all the support.

Name: Valentine Boogie

Date: 18 February 2022

Time: 7-30pm

Price: R150.00 per person

Venue: Artscape

Contact Anne: 081 327 52 79

Contact Jillian: 083 715 06 76



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Sundowners in the Park

We are ready to end the year, while all gloom and not much fun, in style. Not to worry, all Covid – 19 protocol will be followed for the event and it is guaranteed that you will be safe.
Come down to picnic and join the vibe by enjoying the performance of artists that you normally would through all the the previous Boogie shows. Due to them not being able to work, the support of this show is of paramount nature to you attending so that we can reach the target.


Name of event : “Sundowners in the park.”
Date: 6 December 2020
Venue: Company’s Gardens in Cape Town
Time: 6-30pm
Price: R100 per person


Our programmes for the year end are affected as we normally support so many causes such as Christmas parties, Cancer kids and creche parties that are all still taking place and  the year end parties for our feeding schemes as the hunger was real for all this year.
By either attending or donating to our event, it will impact positively and ensure that we are able to assist the projects lined up.


Please contact The Future Factory via email or Anne Siroky on 0813275279 and Jillian on 0837150676.

***We would like to thank you all for supporting us during this very difficult year and your support for this event will no doubt be greatly appreciated.***

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Zumbathon party

Zumbathon party2019-12-12T12:28:06+02:00