Our NPO is reaching a milestone. It will be 15 years old in February 2016! All this without sponsors or donors since its inception. It has not been easy but perseverance has seen this milestone being achieved through hard work by Anne Siroky and her team! So many other civil society organisations have called on (particularly Anne Siroky), to do services for free for many years. Now all she is asking is that those that she and her team have supported for so many years step forward and make this fundraiser for The Future Factory a success.

How can you help make it successful? Well, as you can see by the advert we have been selected by the organisers to use this event as a fundraiser. They have given us 1000 tickets to sell for the opening night which is a Friday night and 500 tickets for the Saturday night. Show details are listed below.


DATE: 4 and 5 December 2015

VENUE : Artscape Theatre (located opposite the Civic Centre in Cape Town)

TIME: 8pm


A percentage of the ticket sales is going towards much needed funds of The Future Factory to ensure it sustains itself .Your support of taking tickets early means that it will not be a rush to collect the monies from family and friends. The tickets are available and we just need the amount of tickets you are purchasing and monies will be collected by September and latest end of October so that we can pay the organisers for the tickets we took. We believe all our friends and family will make our one and only biggest fundraiser a huge success.

Those that supported us last year were so impressed with the show that they said we are back again! Former names of the show have been Boogie Wonderland and Blame it on the Boogie! Music of 70’s,80’s,90’s  puts you in the party mood as these artists just sing and dance with so much passion that you can’t but believe you are watching the original artists in action. Just be warned, it makes you want to run onto the stage with the electrifying atmosphere! Those that would like to dress up are most welcome to as it is fun to see those in wigs and the works to reminisce about how they use to boogie! Dancing in the aisles and rows is allowed as you just can’t sit still with this show!

Please be so kind as to forward this to all your contacts. Anne Siroky can be contacted on 0729163331 via phone calls, sms, WhatsApp or email annesiroky@yahoo.com. Jillian can be contacted on 0837150676 via WhatsApp or sms as her hearing impediment does not allow any phone calls. She can be emailed jdalexander1@yahoo.com and thefuturefactory@yahoo.com

We are always very appreciative of past supporters that always supports the great cause of sustaining The Future Factory so we can continue to make positive impacts in the lives of the people we do programmes and events for!

Use this event as a team builder or, if you closing for the year, as a perfect time to thank your staff by purchasing bulk tickets and giving them a night to remember. This will also demonstrate your humanitarian nature by your support of a non-profit organisation like The Future Factory!

God bless, and on behalf of Anne Siroky and myself Jillian Alexander, we thank you in advance for what you going to do to make our event successful and one that will become a calendar event every year!

Kind regards,

Jillian and Anne